Romance Author, Autism advocate, doTERRA Essential Oil Educator, 
and Learning Specialist.
Jill Breugem resides with her family north of Toronto, ON, CA 
Member of Romance Writer's of America, Toronto Romance Writers chapter

Jill Breugem 


Writing and essential oils? Makes sense, right? 100%!

Essential oils are mentioned throughout all of my books as they are something I've been using for 25 years. When I was twenty I enjoyed a massage with grapefruit essential oil; I took an aromatherapy course and have used essential oils ever since. I have a large library of books, videos and training materials on the topic and am always eager to share what I know to anyone who asks! 

When I was introduced to the purity and therapeutic grade of doTERRA - it changed my life. I do whatever I can to reduce the toxins that my family and I are exposed to. doTERRA is now our go to, for almost everything. We use essential oils for immune support, common ailments like colds, head, muscle or joints pain relief, as well as non-toxic beauty products and household cleaners.

If you are interested in making a positive change in your life and exploring the exciting world of essential oils, I'm here to support you! All the best! Jill xo  If you would like to know more visit my doTERRA site.

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