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Romance series: Between Friends

Between Friends is the entertaining romance series about a group of successful, thirty-something year old girlfriends. Each woman will find themselves before they find the man of their dreams.
Small town girl Sadie continues to live in the city after finishing university. She finds work as a journalist which ultimately leads to her real passion of writing romance novels. Sadie becomes an accomplished  author of many New York Times best sellers. At the beginning of her success she is picked up by Levi, a literary agent to represent her. They become close friends and business associates over the years. What happens when Sadie writes her latest novel about the love she has for him? Will she publish it at the risk of losing him as an agent and best friend?

Will the emotional scars and the miles between Ally and Oliver keep them apart? Ally adores Oliver, but after going through a number of tough breakups, she has to ask herself if she ready to let down her guard again. What happens when someone from her past returns to try to win her back? Note: It's not Gage! Oliver is in town working at his firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but an opportunity comes up to return to London, England. Will he take it? 

Also: If you love Sadie and Levi they make a lot of appearances in this book - they also take a big step in their relationship!

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Samantha is becoming a household name and sought after actress in Hollywood. After getting cast in a movie with an actor she can’t stand, will she finally face her crippling fears of losing the people she loves?

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Erica said: "Have y'all "Read Between the Lines"??? I know I have and it's amazing!! Make sure to follow @jillbreugem (The Distance between Us) is next!"

Check out the post about Read Between the Lines by blogger - The Rustic Wife ~  Jill does an excellent job describing the characters and their surroundings so well, that I might have a bit of a crush on "Levi"...is that weird?! ~